Feel Alive BPM Key Katie Herzig | Moment of Bliss

Disc Number 1 Track Number 3 Duration 4:50 Duration Ms 290093 Time Signature 4/4 Song Key G# or Ab Tempo 120.0470 Round Tempo 120 Popularity 29 Danceability 0.6040 Energy 0.7870 Acousticness 0.1130 Instrumentalness 0.0723 Liveness 0.1340 Valence 0.3900 Speechiness 0.0299 Loudness -6.2870 Release Date 2018-03-02

Listen Feel Alive Katie Herzig | Moment of Bliss on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/track/1aFAqnnd6oALzmtPyeV8l7
Find tempo, duration, time signature and key at https://www.chords.tv/key-bpm/track/1aFAqnnd6oALzmtPyeV8l7
Another Interesting Place http://styronthrowback.blogspot.com/2018/04/mind-your-head-bpm-key-mickey-hart-band.html

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